Scheduling Your Visit

To schedule an appointment with our office please call 210.941.1000.

Please let us know if you have a preference for the time of day for your appointment.
Be sure to check with your insurance plan to see if you are required to have a referral from your primary care provider prior to seeing Dr. Saenz.

Colonoscopy Instructions

If you have been scheduled for a colonoscopy, there are some instructions you will need to follow:

Arrive at your designated hospital 2 hours prior to your test and report to the admitting department. Make sure you have your I.D., Proof of Insurance and any deductible you may have to pay. You will also need to have a ride as you will not be able to drive on the day of your procedure.

Two weeks before your test, you should stop taking any NSAIDs (Advil, ibuprofen, naproxen, aspirin, ASA). Please notify the office if you are on any blood thinners. We will give you a stop and start date for this.

One week before your test, stop taking any fiber supplements. Avoid nuts, seeds, corn, and popcorn.

The day before your test you will only be able to have clear fluids. No solid food of any kind and no dairy products. Avoid anything red or purple or anything with pulp. Examples of clear fluids are: black coffee, tea, apple juice, 7-Up, Sprite, Gatorade, chicken, beef or vegetable broth, jello (as long as it is prepared at home). You will start your colon prep at 3 pm. Please take as directed and make sure you finish all the medications. This is vital for a thorough colonic exam. You may continue to have clear liquids until midnight then you will have to fast.

The morning of your colonoscopy, you may take all of your medications EXCEPT your diabetic medication. You may resume this when you get home and have your first meal.

Wear loose clothing as you may feel bloated after your test. Follow-up 2 weeks after your test. Make sure to call and book your appointment. 

Colorectal Condition Information

Here are some conditions for you to read about and their treatments.




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